Startup data 2000-2012 from CrunchBase

Infographics based on data collected from CrunchBase about 7,397 acquisitions, 11,919 companies and 32,233 funding-rounds.

Top acquisitions by year

Motorola Mobility $12.5B
Ariba $4.3B
Thomas & Betts $3.9B
Gen-Probe $3.7B
SuccessFactors $3.4B
Quest Software $2.4B
AboveNet $2.2B
Dako Denmark $2.2B
Taleo $1.9B
Cable&Wireless Worldwide $1.7B
T-Mobile $39B
Genzyme $20B
Goodrich Corporation $18.4B
Autonomy Corporation $10.2B
National Semiconductor $6.5B
Varian Semiconductor Equip $4.9B
NetLogic Microsystems $3.7B
Talecris Biotherapeutics $3.4B
Converteam $3.2B
Qualcomm Atheros $3.1B
McAfee $7.68B
Sybase $5.8B
Jupiter Telecommunications $4B
King Pharmaceuticals $3.6B
Interactive Data $3.4B
Unitymedia $3B
Abraxis BioScience $2.9B
3PAR $2.35B
PNC Global Investment Serv $2.31B
Isilon Systems $2.25B
Sun Microsystems $7.4B
Puget Energy $7.4B
Solvay Pharmaceuticals $6.6B
Affiliated Computer Servic $5.75B
Sanyo $4.6B
Merial Limited $4B
Marvel Entertainment $4B
Sterling Commerce $1.4B
Perot Systems $3.9B
Stiefel $3.6B
Alltel $28.1B
Millennium Pharmaceuticals $8.69B
BEA Systems $8.5B
Navteq $8.1B
Imclone Systems $7.13B
The Weather Channel $3.5B
Foundry Networks $3B
Getty Images $3.3B
LifeCell $1.8B
CNET Networks $1.8B
aQuantive $6.4B
Cytyc $6.2B
WebEx $2.9B
Opsware $1.6B
Equallogic $1.4B
PRIMEDIA Enthusiast Media $1.2B
AMI Semiconductor $915M
Right Media $850M
IronPort Systems $830M
Tellme $800M
Pixar $7.4B
Siebel Systems $5.85B
Mercury Interactive $4.5B
Sabre $4.3B
YouTube $1.65B
Digital Insight $1.35B
Digitas $1.3B
iVillage $600M
uSwitch $366M
PortalPlayer $357M
Nextel Communications $35B
Macromedia $3.4B
Skype $8.5B $1.85B
DoubleClick $3.1B
Lastminute $1.01B
Alibaba $1B
CTI Molecular Imaging $1B
IGN Entertainment $700M
Jamdat Mobile $674M
NetScreen Technologies $3.4B
Orbitz Worldwide $1.25B $435M $415M
Brightmail $370M $290M
eMachines $290M
TripAdvisor $210M
Modem Media $200M
Espotting $172M
Inktomi $235M
EachNet $150M
Applied Semantics $102M
AlltheWeb $100M
Cyworld $7.14M
Giga Group $4.75M
PayPal $1.5B
Datek Financial Services $1.3B
Rare, Inc. $337M
Recourse Technologies $135M
Emagic $30M
Odigo $20M
Razorfish $530M $1M
Xircom $748M $372M
Allaire Corporation $360M
iBazar $100M
Achex $32M $30M
InfoInterActive $28.2M
Nomadigo $26.3M
Launch Media $12M
Teoma Technologies $4M
Aspect Development/i2 $9.3B
Direct Hit $500M
eGroups $432M $350M
Cherry Semiconductor $250M
Kimo $145M
ACT! Software $50M

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