XXVIII Betabeers Granada: Mastering Geospatial Analysis with Python

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jueves 20 septiembre 2018, 19:30 - 22:00

​erranT espacio cowork Calle Cruz, Nº 19b (Barrio de La Magdalena), 18002, Granada, España Compartir coche

Ya llegó la vuelta al cole!
Betabeers Granada también está de vuelta, y esta vez lo hacemos con nuestro primer evento en Inglés...

...But no worries, our awesome speaker Eric can also speak very fluent Spanish just in case :)
This time Eric will talk about the book he recently wrote and will give us an overview about Spatial data, including:

1. What are spatial data, what is spatial analysis and why is it important.
2. A little bit about the history of GIS and how spatial analysis is done today (with or without GIS)
3. Some examples of great Python libraries for doing geospatial analysis (this is what the book is about).

We'll start around 19.30h, and after the talk, we'll have a networking time in the same place.
As always, cold beers and drinks will be waiting for you :)

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