Rodrigo Corral

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Bilbao Area, Spain

I have been developing software since I was seventeen, first as freelance developer and then for companies like Sisteplant, leader in MES and CMMS software and Panda Security, one among the international leaders in software for security. I have been involved in a very interesting projects at Sisteplant builded using the latest Microsoft's Technologies and managed with Scrum from its begining. I am also one of the owners of Plain Concepts where I work as advisor, mentor and coach for first line companies in a wide range of subjects like project management, agile methodologies, CMMI, Team System, software patterns and architectures, software configuration management. I am one of the members of the Plain Concepts' Debugging & Optimization Team, a group of high qualified and experienced professionals specialized in tracking down and resolving stability and performace problems in the whole .Net platform, SQL Server and Oracle. I have been recognized as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in two different categories, Visual C++ and Team System, several times. I am also Microsoft Certified Trainer, Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Practicioner and Professional Scrum Developer Trainer I administer, a Spanish popular community site for Microsoft's technologies developers. I write a quite popular blog hosted at I love everything related to software development. Apart from sofware development, my main hobby is play Basque hand ball.

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