Estefanía Olmos

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Madrid, España

I am one of the co-founders of Fabulist Travel: a technology based startup in the tourism sector focused on families travelling with kids. Fabulist Travel offers a revolutionary search process that includes the inspirational stage of travel planning, the technology to deliver a smart personalized solution and high quality family-oriented results. The innovative search process is based on an algorithm (recommender system) designed and developed to match each user with his or her ideal trip. Selected as one of the 10 high potential startups by Madrid Emprende, we are being accelerated by Cink Emprende. Nowadays, we have a Minimum Viable Product, commercial agreements with the touristic service providers of our interest and strategic alliances with tourism experts and leaders in the online parenting community.

Busco en betabeers: We are looking for a motivated, positive, entreprenurial full stack developer to join our team in Madrid led by two telecom engineers.
You will be in charge of making the company’s technical decisions and will handle the upgrades and maintenance of the current platform, which has been developed using the following technologies: PHP, Symfony, HTML, MySQL, bootstrap, IDE Netbeans and Javascript.
You will be challenged everyday with different technical issues and you will have the power to decide how to tackle them. You will have the responsibility of ensuring that we create the best product in the maket.
It is your opportunity to grow professionally in an exciting and entrepreneurial ecosystem and become our Chief Technology Officer.

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