David Perez Vicens

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Alcoy, Spain

My name is David Pérez, I'm from Spain, but lived in US for more than a year.Right now I work at Adsalsa (an international online marketing company) in which I am web applications analytis in multiple projects. I am I consider myself an enthusiastic of the clean, well documented code. I like the work to be done right and expect same thing from my team. My job is to consider different approaches to web application development and organize the team to efficiently meet all the web application requirements. If you want to know more about me feel free to contact by: mobile phone: +34 608 226 595 email: davidpv@gmail.com skype user: david.perez.vicens github: https://github.com/davidpv

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  • CoffeeScript
  • CSS
  • doctrine2
  • git
  • jquery
  • mongodb
  • mysql
  • node.js
  • php
  • php5
  • rabbitmq
  • REST
  • saas
  • symfony
  • symfony 1.4
  • symfony2
  • twig
  • XML

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