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Sevilla, España

Hello, my name is David (AKA Davidjguru) and I'm working as Product Owner for Drupal-based projects at Rojomorgan (@TheRojomorgan), an independent web development and design agency in Seville, Spain, in a little agile team involved with Scrum, Kanban, UX and FLOSS. I've been working with Drupal since 2010. I'm passionate about the culture of shared knowledge and free (libre) software and I have been a software developer for several years, now I'm managing customer accounts and projects based on Drupal. My responsibilities are translate to the team the concerns and thoughts of customers to get an insight into all project stakeholders . I also organize technology events like Betabeers Sevilla (@BetabeersSVQ), the local group of Drupal (@DrupalSevilla) and coordinate a pop culture blog (@CIBASS_Blog -Spanish-). Love y'all

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  • drupal
  • Drupal 6
  • Drupal 7
  • drupal 8
  • Drupal Modules
  • php

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