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The kissing seemed to turn feverish, and hands moved in a flurry of activity, my basic instincts took over. Sure, I had read about sex in books many times, and the principle of it, I figured I knew quite well. All my study was going to pay off now. This was the first time I was going to experience this, and they did say in the books that it was easier if it was spontaneous, and this, if nothing else, was spontaneous. His lips moved down my neck in a flurry of kisses, tasting, licking and even biting. Moaning, I moved my head back to give him better access as he continued. His kisses seemed to go straight through me, and I felt a heat collecting somewhere deep within me. I raced to undo his buttons, I wanted to share what I was suddenly feeling with him, my teeth scraped over his skin, and his moans were like heaven to my ears. His hands began to play with the fabric I wore, and somehow we ended on the floor of the studio. My legs parted instinctively as his hands explored my legs, my hips raising to meet him as he caressed and seem to lick and bite every inch of skin I possessed. The noises that were coming from me defied logic and reasoning, but where was logic in all of this? I moaned and gasped suddenly, when a spike of pure pleasure zipped through me. My eyes fluttered shut as his hands explored me. Moving in a rhythm that was all instinct, and nothing to do with precision, I moaned and writhed beneath him, he seeming to without any prompting matching each motion, each need my body was screaming, but I myself had no way of explaining it. His mouth latched onto my nipple and I arched beneath him as I cried out, my whole body desperate to meet his. He made me cry out so many times with his fingers I lost count, my body yielding to feelings I had never experienced before in my life. Even the notion of the existence of other people barely registered in my world. I heard the crackle of a wrapper just before he rolled on top of me and kissed me deeply, my senses once again going into overdrive, and the ache between my legs crying out, begging for something his fingers were unable to provide. Achingly slowly he moved into me, and my body bucked to meet his, too far gone to care about the sudden stabbing pain that shot through me for an instant. Looking deep into his eyes, I smiled at him, and ever so slowly he began to move, the momentary discomfort replaced by something far greater, as sensations began to once again began to bombard me. I moaned and began to cry out. I was unable to stop this feeling bubbling to the surface from deep within me, I seemed to unravel underneath him, and he too, joined me in my cries mere seconds later. He moved off and lay beside me, panting and with a smile on his face. I myself had never truly noticed him before today, and suddenly all my senses sung with him. I smiled back at him and we kissed again. It was a bit awkward to return our clothes to their original state. We were lucky the buttons on our clothing were not broken and that no-one had heard us. But I did do one thing, and that was to take my painting and throw it in the bin. I would try again for sure. Time passed, and I did indeed get the 1% I needed, to be honest I don't think anything truly changed after that. I continued to take art classes, it was only ever a filler subject I had taken that was meant to keep my creative spirit alive. But I honestly began to enjoy it more... Not that I never did... I guess it was just different. My grades never stepped away from 100% again.

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