Andres Varela da Costa

Emprendedor -
Madrid Area, Spain

"Hope is the dream of the Mind-awaken man", Aristóteles FOR THE ONES WHO BELIEVE IN THAT SEQUENCE: IF you use your imagination surrending yourself to an idea that you want to create sth of value to other Human beings, you can make sth real happens from your imagination if first is manifested itself in your head and only then selling something real... you can make money... (deconstructing James Altucher) FOR THE REST (bla, bla, bla): Wide experience in sales, marketing, leading & managing new start-up businesses/operations in both multinational or local environments. Business Areas/industries: Digital consultancy, e-commerce, internet as an ecosystem, organization & management consultancy, Leisure & entertainment, Tourism, FMCG. Particularly interested in new ventures that search for talent in Iberia/Latam markets (Spain, Portugal, Brasil, Mexico...), give value to creativity, pay for performance, challenge for excelence, provide shares and are conscious about the value of life and fun doing business. Expertise: Sales & Marketing specialist focused on developing and supporting Online Media industry as Digital Maketing services provider within the Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian markets. Specialist in performance-based marketing solutions (affiliation, display direct-response campaigns, pay per call, Search SEM/SEO, Technology tracking & optimization, interactive channels, publisher management, mobile networks...) Marketing, Sales & management skills: Digital Mktg services (internet, mobile) MKTG strategy (market analysis, brand management, sponsor & partnership negotiation) Sales force & BusDev management Start-up's project launching in local markets within multinational environments Media dealing, Management & organisation, Project management. People say: loyal, open-mind world vision, strong relationship maker, Trust worthy, good communicator, team builder & idea creator with culture and sensitivity.

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