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Full-Stack Engineer – Madrid-based for a Silicon Valley company

FounderNest 25861

FounderNest - Madrid, Madrid 28001 España


Sueldo: 30.000 € – 45.000 €

2018-06-25 17:24:16



Salary: 30,000 € – 45,000 €

Location: Downtown Madrid

Start date: Asap but flexible

At FounderNest, we use AI to improve the matchmaking process between investors and startups. We are an early-stage company backup by top VCs (Venture Capitals) and investors from the Silicon Valley, and with the main VCs worldwide already using our beta service.

We are looking to hire our first engineer, so if you are passionate about technical challenges, and you would love to be part of a dynamic team and have an impact that can potentially disrupt an industry, you should keep reading! :)

This position is based at our Madrid office, with occasional trips to the Silicon Valley.

What we are looking for in you: Passion to create a disruptive product

  • You will be our first engineer and team member! A great power comes with a great responsibility, so along with our CTO, you will build both the product and the engineering team from scratch.
  • You are thirsty to learn and experiment in a fast-paced environment; and also to take ownership of key parts of the product. You are not afraid of becoming the best version of yourself. :)
  • Ideally, you are a full-stack engineer with 2+ years of experience designing, implementing, maintaining, and extending web-based products. That being said, if you are more of a front-end fan or back-end lover, it’s also fine! You can get extra points with:
    • Experience with Javascript, specially ES6, and Node.js.
    • Exposure to TypeScript / Flow.
    • Experience with React, React Native, Angular or other modern Javascript application frameworks / libraries.
    • Understanding the value of a good architecture and the importance of testing.
    • Being the kind of person that never goes out of the house without Git.
    • Some exposure to AI / ML.
  • You love sharing your ideas, recommendations and feedback with the team, and want to be part of key strategic decisions of the company.
  • And more importantly, you really love what you do!

What FounderNest has to offer you: A blank canvas Personal & professional growth

  • You will be owner of a disruptive and sophisticated product that you can build from scratch; and you will tackle a wide arrange of technological challenges.
  • You will have freedom to choose the tools and technologies you want to use for that!
  • You will be a key part of a lean team that will support your growth in whichever direction you want to, offering access to learning opportunities (e.g. EggHead account, budget for books), within a safe environment where to experiment, attend internal meetings (tech evenings, masterclasses by other team members…) and external events (conferences, meetups).
  • You will take part in building a Silicon Valley startup, with freedom to participate in shaping the culture of the company. We have budget to organize Happy Hours, a Global Retreat, our own events, and whatever you have in mind!
  • You will have direct exposure to the Silicon Valley, with trips to interact with customers and investors there.

Working environment

  • You will be part of a team committed to changing an industry while having fun in the process! :)
  • We are building a thriving environment based on cooperation and constructive feedback, and want you to be part of it!
  • You will have a secondary screen and budget to buy a MacBook or PC, so that you feel fully comfortable at work.
  • You will have a flexible schedule (with remote work when necessary) since we want you to have the freedom to organize your time. Of course, we prefer you to spend time with us at our beautiful office in downtown Madrid. ;)


  • You will have contract with our Spanish subsidiary (i.e. no freelance work).
  • We offer a salary range of 35,000 € to 45,000 €, depending on your experience.
  • We want you to have stock options, because we want you to own FounderNest’s success.

More about us

At FounderNest, we are working to bring efficiency, transparency and democracy to the fundraising process by using AI. The main top VCs worldwide, like A16Z, Greylock and First Round Capital are already using our beta service. We are based in San Francisco and Madrid and we’ve just raised an oversubscribed round from top Silicon Valley investors, who also invested in Paypal, Waze, Palantir, Square or Pinterest.

We’re three Spanish co-founders, with a strong technical and business foundation (Stanford, Google, Columbia, Singularity University, Wharton, Yahoo), looking for the first engineer to join us in this adventure. We have a very lean and agile work environment with a customer-centric obsession, and a strong focus on making sure that every team member has a path to thrive at a professional and personal levels.

If you are interested and would like to know more, contact us. :D



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Publicado por: José Vicente Ruiz Cepeda