SQL Server Málaga - XIV Technical Session: Machine Learning Services for SQL Server

viernes 17 mayo 2019, 09:15 - 10:15

Calle Severo Ochoa, 16-20, Edif. Nerja, PTA, Malaga, España

Abstract:Microsoft has expanded the Azure surface area for Machine Learning and AI significantly, and so now there are many ways to do machine Learning on Azure.SQL Server on premises also has support for Python, R and Java within it's Machine Learning Services feature which enables training, scoring and predicting using built in and external Machine learning constructs.It may seem like a clash of functionality, but actually they present an excellent ecosystem that will only serve to benefit data rich application systems that need to do intelligent predictions for classification, anomaly detection, regression and clustering.In this session we step through what is available, and when you may want to use each one, and then how models developed in Azure could be used within SQL Server on premises. Charley Hanania - Bio:Involved in establishing heterogeneous database communities in Australia since the mid 1990's, Charley Hanania is a long standing MCT and Microsoft MVP on the Data Platform. He runs a data-focussed consultancy where he and his team offer Best of Breed specialist and remote DBA services to various industries around the world.Charley loves community and is involved in organising and speaking at many Data Platform and MCT communities around the world. He is the MCT Regional co-Lead for Switzerland and a PASS Regional Mentor for Western and Eastern Europe.

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