MadridJS - Resilient Microservice WebAPIs

martes 27 febrero 2018, 19:00 - 20:00

calle eduardo vicente 7, Madrid, España

• Lo que haremosEn febrero nos encontraremos para una charla de cantera. Vincenzo es italiano, y prefiere hacerlo en inglés, así que ¡traed la oreja afinada! Un par de capítulos de vuestra serie favorita anglosajona en versión original y listo :) Resilient Microservice WebAPIs with REST and API Gateway Splitting your application into a bunch of microservices is a non trivial task with a lot of challenges, that might end up in with a complete different system that’s breaking the clients. Can we fix that somehow? Yes - with REST (the real one) and an API Gateway. In this presentation I’d like to reharse the REST architectural style (that’s probably one of the most misunderstood concepts and why you should probably hold your horses with using GraphQL); then we will start with a sample monolithic application and slowly break it into multiple microservices. Problems will start to rise, clients will break and multiple parts of code will be duplicated across the microservices. Here’s the point where I’d like to refactor the API and introduce an API Gateway, and solve these one by one. At the end of the presentation, you’ll see how we can switch from the monolithic version to the microservice version without breaking the clients at all. Vincenzo Chianese An Italian Software developer currently working for LunchBadger. He puts bugs in the code, making sure his coworkers have always something to fix.

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