MadridJS - JavaScript @ Booking.com

jueves 19 noviembre 2015, 19:00 - 20:00

C / Alameda, 22, Madrid, España

In November we are proud to host another special Meetup: the good folks from Booking.com will show us how they use JavaScript extensively in their everyday practice. Two of their developers will visit from the Netherlands for a couple of interesting talks. See you there! Event-driven systems @ Booking How we use events in our front-end code + a look at our event-emitter implementation. Ricardo Tomasi Ricardo Tomasi is a developer @ Booking.com who enjoys building things for the web, from information architecture to the gritty details of javascript performance. He is active in various dev communities, has published several open-source tools & libraries, and sometimes worries a little too much about making code look pretty. A/B Testing: Common pitfalls and best practices Alejandro Lopez Alejandro is a Front End developer and Team Leader @  Booking.com. He is passionate about delivering great customer experiences, as well as working on team dynamics to create teams of rockstars. On his free time he enjoys playing guitar, sports, and music in general.

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