MadridJS - How Malt builds Malt?

martes 23 octubre 2018, 19:00 - 20:00

Calle Piamonte 23, Madrid, España

En octubre no descansamos ni siquiera con el JSDayES: nos visitan nuestros amigos de Malt desde Francia, para contarnos su experiencia construyendo su plataforma de trabajo freelance con Vue.js. ¡Allí nos vemos! How Malt builds Malt: Vue.js in production This is our return on experience about using Vue.js to build applications at Malt. Specifically, we'd like to cover the following subjects: * why we chose to use Vue in the first place* how we integrated our existing internationalization stack with it, why we didn't use Vue I18n* how we built HATEOAS resources in such a way that Vue components are mostly unaware of the API structure* how we started building a common base that all our Vue applications can leverage* how we monitor our front-end in production (logging, alerting) We've started using Vue one year ago, and we're currently building our third application with it. Pierre Mériau + Nicolas Demengel After 1 year at the radio and 1 year as a video teacher, Pierre have decided to become a front-end developer 3 years ago. What a great move!Nicolas have been developing applications using JavaScript and Java for a decade.Since 2015, Pierre and Nicolas are breaking their voice at Malt's karaoke sessions.

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