MadridJS - Creating Engaging Mobile Apps with NativeScript and Vue

lunes 19 marzo 2018, 19:00 - 20:00

calle eduardo vicente 7, Madrid, España

• Lo que haremosEn marzo tenemos encuentro patrocinado por NativeScript: recibimos a Evan Payne, que nos contará (en inglés, claro) cómo hacer aplicaciones móviles molonas usando NativeScript y Vue. Además tendremos entrega de material patrocinado, y tras el meetup nos invitarán a unas mirindas. ¡No os lo perdáis! NativeScript is already an amazing tool to build truly Native mobile apps with the Javascript you know and love. Now that integration with Vue has arrived, you can take advantage of the speed and ease of Vue, Vuex and the whole ecosystem to create all those apps that have been sitting in the back of your head for years! In this talk, we'll see how to get started with NativeScript + Vue, and touch on some of the ways you can expand your development workflow by sharing code between web and native apps. Evan Payne is a Senior Front-end Engineer at Netcentric with a focus on Mobile Apps built with NativeScript. Globe-trotter, born in Los Angeles, tempered in Ireland, thriving in Spain. • Lo que hay que traer • Información importante

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