Madrid HashiCorp User Group - Virtual HUG: All-Day HashiTalks

jueves 21 febrero 2019, 10:00 - 11:00

-, Madrid, España

REGISTRATION REQUIRED:www.hashicorpalldayhashitalks.splashthat.com Please join us online for a special virtual HUG to participate in All-Day HashiTalks. HashiTalks are a 24-hour online and offline HashiCorp User Group (HUG) event that follows the sun. It will be coordinated and emceed by community leaders with regional handoffs. This is a live event that will be given, curated, and coordinated by community members across our global HUG community. We will kick off the event at 9:00 AM GMT on Thursday, 21 February and continue for 24 hours. REGISTRATION REQUIRED:www.hashicorpalldayhashitalks.splashthat.com

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