London MongoDB User Group - Introducing the MongoDB Go Driver

jueves 25 abril 2019, 19:30 - 20:30

16 Hatfields, London, Reino Unido

Our first talk is from Tim Fogarty. Tim is a Developer Advocate at MongoDB. He is fascinated by distributed systems and contributes to Kubernetes. When it comes to coding, he likes to use Go, Node.js, Python, and React. In his downtime, Tim enjoys playing chess, running Dungeons and Dragons games, and watching films at his local Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Talk title: Building a chess website with the new MongoDB Go Driver Talk Abstract: Since its initial release by Google in 2009, Go has become one of the most popular programming languages out there. At MongoDB, we recently released version 1.0 of a new official MongoDB Go Driver. This talk will provide a quick tour of the Go language and will then guide you through how to make a web application in Go. We'll cover making a web server using the HTTP package, connecting to and querying MongoDB, working with BSON, and transactions. Our second talk will be an overview of MongoDB and LDAP given by Ronan Bohan one of our Solutions Architects.

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