InnerSource Spain - Barcelona meeting |Speakers from Red Hat, The Linux Foundation, Intel & Bitergia

martes 21 mayo 2019, 15:00 - 16:00

Carrer de les Ciències, 11-13, Barcelona, España

From the InnerSource Commons: "InnerSource takes the lessons learned from developing open source software and applies them to the way companies develop software internally. As developers have become accustomed to working on world class open source software, there is a strong desire to bring those practices back inside the firewall and apply them to software that companies may be reluctant to release. For companies building mostly closed source software, InnerSource can be a great tool to help break down silos, encourage internal collaboration, accelerate new engineer on-boarding, and identify opportunities to contribute software back to the open source world." More and more companies such as PayPal, Bosch or Nike implement Open Source within the walls of their organization to drive innovation. In this new meeting, we will talk about InnerSource how-to basics, and the main challenges every company must face when it comes to implement this initiative. Do you think InnerSource can be a way to boost collaboration within your company and improve technology development? Then, don't hesitate anymore and join us! FULL AGENDA (to be announced soon) 15:00-15:15 Welcoming 15:15- 16:00 Creating InnerSource Communities that drive Innovation **Keynote Speaker: Diane Muller - Red Hat 16:00-16:30 InnerSource Commons & InnerSource Spain 16:30-16:45 Break 16:45- 17:15 InnerSource Use Case I 17:15-17:45 InnerSource Use Case II 17:45-18:00 Closing

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