HTML5 + JS Ciudad de México - "The Big Battle:Mobile Web vs Native App" on Performance and UX by Suyash Joshi

viernes 5 septiembre 2014, 02:00 - 03:00

San Luis Potosí 211 P8 CP06760, Mexico City, México

"The Big Battle : Mobile Web vs Native App on Performance and UX" - HTML5 apps have gotten a bad reputation in the past but the gap is no longer there, in this talk Suyash will show how to make Mobile web apps better looking and faster performing so users can't tell the difference anymore. Please join Suyash Joshi visiting us from Silicon Valley SF Bay Area, he will be sharing his experience battling the 2 platforms with us. He loves HTML5 as much as he loves Java. He is also the organizer of Bay Area Android Developer group and SV Mobile Web Dev group. Los esperamos en KMMX el 4 de septiembre!!!!  

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