HNLondon - HNLondon, October 2016

miércoles 5 octubre 2016, 19:30 - 20:30

Cowper Street, London, Reino Unido

We are excited to return after a 10 month absence. Hope you missed us. The current lineup includes Rob Carter, CEO of Fieldmargin and reformed E&Y accountant working on software for farmers. We also welcome Joel Gibbard, CEO and co-founder of Open Bionics who is coming all the way from Bristol with his talk titled "How to Build a Bionic Hand". Joel will be talking about how he started hacking robotic hands together at 17, how his work contributed to a movement in open source prosthetics and how his Company Open Bionics is pioneering technical developments in upper limb prosthetics. Looking to the future he'll explain how his crude prototypes have now been developed into what will soon be the most advanced and affordable bionic hand in the world. The meetup will be compered by the amazing Sanderson Jones, which means you are all in for one hell of a treat! As always, there will tons of pizza and tasty craft beer provided by Craft Rebellion. The hashtag for the event is #HNLondon and you can find videos of all past talks at https://vimeo.com/hnlondon. We will open more places when we confirm the full event schedule. Please check out our sponsors without whom the event would not be possible. Citymapper: Cities are complicated. We're using the power of mobile and data to help humans survive and master them. We're building the best app, with the best routing, and the best data about cities everywhere in the world where we can make a difference. We're a small dedicated team based in London, with backgrounds in transport, startups, apps, design, investing and academia. We like simplifying complexity, reinventing user experience, working with data, shipping fast, and humanising a serious space. We're always looking for good people at all levels with skills like Python backend, React-based web, iOS, Android, Site Reliability, Data Science, and more: https://citymapper.com/jobs Indeed Prime is a premium talent platform that matches elite tech talent to top companies. Sign up and let companies apply to you. Interested employers will reach out with salary, position, and equity upfront. 100% free. Privately join the best job search platform for software engineers.  Learn more at http://www.indeed.co.uk/prime Nexmo is a global cloud communications platform, providing APIs and SDKs for SMS, voice, phone verification, messaging and advanced multi-channel conversations. We have officially supported open source libraries for Node.JS, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java and C# .NET enabling you to build scalable communications features such as two-factor authentication, notifications, two-way and group messaging, one to one or multi person calls, all with the technologies that you are already using.

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