GoMAD - Madrid Go UG - Using Apache Kafka From Go by Javier Sanz

martes 11 diciembre 2018, 19:00 - 20:00

Claudio Coello 16, Madrid, España

After a while without activity, mainly due to the lack of Speakers, here we are again with "Using Apache Kafka From Go" by Javier Sanz: Apache Kafka is a open source streaming platform that is growing very fast lately. Kafka is developed in Java/Scala and the official clients use those languages. But there are several companies using Kafka from Go (Cloudflare comes to my mind). In this talk we'll have a look to the different options for using Kafka from a Go program and we will see some examples. About Javier Sanz Javier has been developing software more than 10 years both in big corporations and start-ups. He has developed from big backends to embedded software in several languages (C++, Java, etc). Now he working as a Data Engineer using Go as main language.

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