BarcelonaJS - BarcelonaJS April 2019

miércoles 24 abril 2019, 19:00 - 20:00

Carrer d'Àvila, 32, Barcelona, España

Trond Bergquist Margarita: Margarita is our example project of how we consume our Tequila API. Tequila is our B2B platform allowing you to build your own travel product on top of Kiwi.com infrastructure. We also use this project to experiment with code reuse between web and mobile. Trond has been working as a JS developer in Kiwi.com for more than one year. He loves working with mobile apps, javascript, GraphQL and relay. On his free time, he enjoys tv series, movies, handball and football. ────────────── Luděk Vepřek Building design system components with React and styled-components I will introduce how we develop React components and utilities to achieve better developer experience. How? With our design system, our developer can focus on delivering new features faster without much focus on styling UI and fighting browser differences. I’ll also explain our theming system allowing us to change our designs easily and serves as a foundation for multi-platform components. Every day, Luděk improves the developer experience by taking care of Kiwi.com’s design system. He develops React components and assures everything works smoothly. In his free time, he enjoys designing apps and officiates ice hockey matches. ──────────────Michal Sanger All the open source tools we've made for GraphQL GraphQL is great, but still a pretty young technology. You can easily be blocked by missing tools, libs or best practices. I'd like to show you what we have built and shared on Github for GraphQL monitoring, schema checking and better Relay developer experience. Michal is a Principal Engineer in Kiwi.com, currently based in Prague. He is passionate about solving all Javascript issues. He dreams about web apps written in ReactJS, mobile apps in React Native, a serverless backend and APIs implemented with GraphQL.────────────── After the talks, we'll have drinks, Czech beers, networking and pizza! Are you interested in giving a talk or have a question? Feel free to comment or shoot a meetup message to the organizers. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest news @BcnJS (https://twitter.com/BcnJS) ────────────── Sponsors: Kiwi.com is an Internet search engine allowing users to combine flights from non-cooperating airlines. Powered by its proprietary algorithm that allows users to combine flights from 750+ carriers (virtual interlining), including many that do not normally cooperate, and its industry-leading Kiwi.com Guarantee, it is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Central Europe. It entered the 2017 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA list in 7th place, becoming the highest ever ranked Czech company. Today, the company sees more than 100 million flight searches every day and employs over 2600 people worldwide. In the second consecutive year, Kiwi.com was named the best Start-up of the Czech Republic by the Czech Forbes Magazine. Follow Kiwi.com technological community: https://code.kiwi.comfb.com/codekiwicom, @codekiwicom

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