Barcelona Python Meetup - Python February Meetup

jueves 21 febrero 2019, 19:00 - 20:00

Plaza Catalunya, 1, Barcelona, España

# Talks 1) Repository templates with Cookiecutter (Héctor Canto, @hectorcanto_dev) (Spanish, 30 min) "Starting a new project is always cumbersome, specially if you collaborate with others: you have to follow standards and agreements, there are some mandatory files, deploy artifacts and requirements that should be in a certain place etc. We will see how to create a repository template, talk about some standards you may follow and how to use Cookiecutter to initialize your project in a few seconds. We will also comment some CLI tools to help you maintain your repository up to date, with a special focus on how to easily handle environment variables." ----------- 2) Recursive generators (Joan Vilaltella, @joanvilaltella) (English, 30 min) "Recursive calls and generators are two well-known programming concepts. They can be easily combined in Python, with interesting results. The generator version of a tail-recursive function is good in terms of memory use, with a possible (usually acceptable) drawback in terms of speed." ----------- 3) Pipenv: nuevo sistema de gestión de dependencias de paquetes para Python (Andreu Vallbona Plazas, @avallbona) (Spanish, 30 min) ""Pipenv, creado por Kenneth Reitz hace poco más de un año, se ha convertido en el recurso oficial recomendado por Python para administrar dependencias de paquetes. Pero todavía hay confusión sobre qué problemas resuelve y cómo es más útil que el flujo de trabajo estándar usando pip y un archivo requirements.txt. En esta charla se intentará explicar la solución a dichos problemas." ----------- # Access Control - The security access control requires an attendee list. Provide your full name in your profile, otherwise you will be REMOVED from the list. - There are limited seats, please be responsible when signing up. If you can't make it, please free up your seat, so someone else can attend. We'll notice repeated offenders ;-) # More - We need talk proposals! Send yours: http://pybcn.org/call-for-proposals/- Wanna publish a job offer? https://www.meetup.com/python-185/pages/24606847/Job_offers/- Follow @PyBCN for pictures, slides and more: https://twitter.com/pybcn

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