Barcelona Python Meetup - May Dojo: Functional Python

sábado 19 mayo 2018, 10:00 - 11:00

Casa del Mig, (Parc de la Espanya Industrial), Carrer de Muntadas, 5, Barcelona, España Compartir coche

• What we will do?We will solve several problems using OOP and functional approach and see which benefits has each one. • What you need to bring?Willing to enjoy and learn, a laptop with Python and virtual environment installed. • Requirements:* You should know basic Python* You should bring your laptop with Python (v.2 or v.3, doesn't matter, but examples will be shown in v.3).* (optional) Atom Teletype plugin to work in pairs. • VenuePunt Multimèdia Espanya IndustrialCarrer de Muntadas 5 (Casa del Mig) · Barcelona This session will be in English or Spanish, depending on the audience. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------• TwitterFollow @PyBCN (https://twitter.com/pybcn) for pictures, slides and more. • Call for ProposalsWe need talk proposals to organize future Meetup events: send your proposal (http://pybcn.org/call-for-proposals/)! • Relevant informationPyBCN Dojos are spaces for our community members to learn, have fun, share knowledge, and meet. These sessions are not courses, nor competitions.

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