Alicante Tech Meetup - Ruby on Rails Introduction

Tuesday 14 July 2015, 19:45 - 22:30

Camino del Faro 2, Alicante, España

@AlicanteTech - #AlicanteTech - Ruby on Rails Introduction

Recently I was talking to one of our members about doing a RoR (Ruby-on-Rails) presentation. Since I'd like to find ways to quickly develop websites that can work as a MVP (minimum viable product), I'm very much interested in this topic.
I've found a great location with the best view on the Playa San Juan and two international developers willing to do a presentation to introduce Ruby on Rails:
Yusuke Mito, a star programmer from Japan has come to Alicante to continue working for Cookpad, who are also hosting this event, and Eric-Paul Lecluse, a fellow Dutchman, who is about to move to the Alicante province with his family soon to be able to enjoy Spain while working remotely for international clients.

Yusuke is going to introduce us to Ruby on Rails:
• short introduction of what is ruby and rails
• gem
• ruby library package
• bundler
• package management tool for gem
• rails to production:
    • Install ruby and rails
    • create rails project
    • make a simple application with rails
    • use some convenient library
    • deploy to production
Yusuke has been working at Cookpad Inc for 5 years. Has 5 years experience in Ruby on Rails (frontend and RESTful APIs) and iOS app development.

Eric-Paul will introduce us into how the syntax of ruby allows the architecture of rails to work the way it does. He'll touch on modules and classes, procs and lambdas, hashes and keyword arguments, to "demystify" some of the magic of Rails. He will use some console commands (but no scaffolding), maybe open rails console, and generally work with RubyMine.
About Eric-Paul: Software engineer, consultant, clean coder, spare-time inventor, teacher, math tutor and founder of a little software production and educational company called ACDME.

19:45 Doors open
20:15 Introduction
20:20 Yusuke's presentation
20:50 Break/questions/hands on/workshop/support
21:10 Eric-Paul's presentation
21:40 Questions/support/drinks
22:30 Close

Equipment (optional):
If you can/want to, bring your laptop pre-installed with:
• ruby (>= 1.9.3, 2.2+ preferred): https://www.ruby-lang.org/en/documentation/installation
• Ruby on Rails: http://rubyonrails.org/download/
• Ruby IDE:
    • Aptana Studio 3
    • JetBrains RubyMine
    • NetBeans
    • IntelliJ IDEA
    • Komodo
    • Acadia
• sqlite3: http://www.tutorialspoint.com/sqlite/sqlite_installation.htm

To make it easy you might also try the following installers:
• BitNami Ruby Stack: https://bitnami.com/stack/ruby/installer
• RailsInstaller: http://railsinstaller.org/en (Please do not run the installer on OSX Mavericks until further notice)

Some technical background will be required since the presentations require basic programming skills. The presentations will be in English, but don't worry, if you think your English is not good enough to follow them, we are talking tech and there will be many Spanish speaking people.

Drinks, beer & snacks will be provided by Cookpad!
As mentioned before the event will be hosted also by Cookpad http://www.cookpad.com/es. Who are they?
"In Cookpad we help make cooking fun. Our mission is to use technology to make life a little happier, by transforming the daily chore of cooking at home into an enjoyable activity that can be shared with others. Cookpad is a global company providing sinchronized web and app services related to cooking. developed with Ruby, IOs, Java. Cookpad Spain's offices overlook Playa San Juan, Alicante. The Cookpad Headquearters are in Tokyo and we also have offices operating in San Francisco, Jakarta, Beirut and Bangalore. Cookpad is an expanding company with a global mission: Make everyday cooking fun!"

How to get there:
• Google maps: https://www.google.es/maps/dir//38.3542921,-0.4061748/@38.3537032,-0.4071833,16z
• By car: https://www.google.es/search?q=how+to+drive+to+Camino+del+Faro%2C+2%2C+03540+Alacant%2C+Alicante
• Tram line 4: http://www.tramalicante.es/descargas/pdf/pb_CaboHuertas.pdf http://www.tramalicante.es/descargas/pdf/Horario%20L4.pdf
• Bus line 22: http://www.alicante.subus.es/linea/22-alicante-cabo-de-la-huerta-playa-san-juan-3/#linea=22, line 21: http://www.alicante.subus.es/linea/linea-21-alicante-playa-san-juan-el-campello/#linea=21, line 38: http://www.alicante.subus.es/linea/linea-36-san-gabriel-universidad/#linea=38
Downloadable map here: http://www.alicante.subus.es/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2015/03/Plano-Marquesinas-TAM-sept-2013.pdf

Once you're at the gate, call 965 225 615.

See you there!

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