Agile & Lean Illes Balears - Product Owner and Developer collaboration by Milena Mercedes May

lunes 15 abril 2019, 19:00 - 20:00

-, Palma de Mallorca, España

El próximo 15 de abril, nos visita Milena que está en un "workation" en Palma y se ofrece a hacernos una charla en la que explicarnos su experiencia como "software developer". Profile: Milena is a full stack web developer with an agile mindset. She works at mindmatters.de where she often works in green field products that start with an MVP scope and mature if they prove to be successful. Abstract: Product Owner and Developer collaboration: How we started to use Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) to develop a shared understanding of the product. At mindmatters, we start products small and scale the development team when they prove to be successful. This means there are always team members who inherit code. How to communicate the intent of a feature? Was this case implemented by accident or purpose? For sure, with a “you build it you run it” mentality we heavily rely on test automation. And as part of our Extreme Programming (XP) culture we also practise Test Driven Development (TDD) often. But nevertheless we made the experience that on long term products these tests didn’t prove to be the documentation necessary for new team members to understand the domain because they were too low level and not easy to share with non-developers. That’s why I introduced BDD with Gherkin and Cucumber to the new product team I started with. And even if it’s just a few months since we started using this method, it already paid off - sooner than I expected. I’ll share how I got the team on board, how we use BDD within our context and what light bulb moments we had so far.

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