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Software Engineer

Apptiva Technologies 31391

Apptiva Technologies - Madrid, Madrid 28001 España


Salary: 28000 - 30000€

2020-06-11 20:27:28



We are looking for a Software Engineer with demonstrated experience with the Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana stack.

  • Experience working with cross-functional teams to plan, model and implement solutions utilizing ELK technologies.

  • Experience designing real time and batch log analytics and search solutions using ELK stack.

  • Experience with Kibana to include developing and manipulating Kibana for visualizations and analysis.

  • We require automation for Ingest pipelines / dashboard builds, for huge list of applications.

You will especially enjoy this position if you like to be exposed to a wide variety of Elasticsearch projects and use cases, if you like to interact with customers (email, chat, voice or face-to-face), understand their problems and needs, design and develop scalable, highly available and fault-tolerant systems to process large volumes of data and queries.


Published by: Apptiva Technologies