Netquest Iberia

¿Qué hacemos?

Netquest is the online fieldwork provider for the market research sector leader in Spain, Portugal and Latin America . We currently have more than 700,000 consumers willing to give us their opinion in 21 countries, and the latest technology to manage and survey them.

Our ambition is to be the most reliable data source in all the countries we operate. In order to achieve that, we recently joined forces with Wakoopa a leading technology provider for online behaviour data collection. This partnership will facilitate researchers information regarding consumers opinions and behaviours at any time, at any place, on any device and under any circumstances.

Our software is mainly built on Java and hosted on the Amazon cloud. Mainly server side applications but also client­-side applications both web and desktop.

Stack tecnológico

apache aws backbone cucumber github Java javascript Jboss jenkins mysql puppet selenium

Fotos de la oficina

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¿Por qué trabajar con nosotros?

What we offer

We offer a place in one of our development teams. In the IT team we are about 16 mates, among developers, systems/dev­ops & QA.

We develop based on Agile methodologies: XP + Scrum, always adapted to our needs. We have two week sprints with demo and retrospective after each sprint. On the XP side we encourage to use TDD as well as code reviews and code conventions meetings.

We have future big projects in mind, some related to BigData as for example migrating our current SQL based massive data, and other related to offer parts of our software as an API based services and refactor some monolithic application in a service oriented architecture.

We are open- ­minded about choosing the technology that suits better in each project and we love learning new technologies (languages, frameworks, tools, …) so we can widen our options.

We are looking for talented & passionate developers and we offer not only a challenging and stimulating professional project, but also a competitive compensation package.