Sysadmin & Cloud Manager


Madrid, España

Sueldo: 35.000-60.000€


ShuttleCloud has offices in New York and Madrid. New York hosts our marketing and business development team and Madrid is home to our engineering and product team. Our Madrid office is in the 5th floor of the Edificio Arnaiz, an state of the art new building with a great work environment and beautiful views of the city.

Our team in Madrid is small, but we are determined to become leaders in the tech community. The people that we´re looking for are not just interested in being part of a cool company, they actually want to go out there and become world-class technology leaders themselves and inspire the people around them.

We believe on iteration, on being able to sketch projects quickly, and either provide immediate value or fail fast. But fast iteration can´t lead to crappy products. This process should lead us to great products, and if we fail at least we´ll be able to learn from our great failures. To get there, we use a methodology based on Scrum and other Agile techniques.

At many companies, engineers need to become managers in order to grow inside the company. Not at ShuttleCloud. We believe that an engineer that plays a key role with his or her technical vision, performance and expertise has the same or more importance than a manager that has chosen to focus on sales, marketing or finance.

We are currently looking for a Sysadmin & Cloud Manager for our Madrid office, who will have the following responsibilities:

- Manage our dedicated servers and instances on Amazon AWS, Rackspace Cloud & Google Compute Engine
- Work with our platform engineers to integrate the groundbreaking ShuttleCloud platform into our products
- Work in an agile environment focused on continuous improvement of each member of the team

Linux, Cloud Storage, Instance Management, Scripting, Profiling, Security

Aware of
RabbitMQ, NoSQL, Python, Sharding

To apply, send us an email to jobs@shuttlecloud.com with the following info:

- What command do you use to see how much UNIQUE memory a specific process is using in a linux system?
- Why are you interested in working at ShuttleCloud?


aws python UX

Publicado por: Eduardo Fernández