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Ruby Senior Developer @Rollbox

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Rollbox - Madrid, Madrid 28001 España


Sueldo: 30000-45000

2018-06-27 10:35:37



About us

Founded in 2016, Rollbox (www.rollbox.io) is an international payroll web software. Our aim is to automate and simplify HR processes. At present, more than 500 companies in several European countries rely on our decisive process to automate their payroll, thank to our aptitude for innovation, commitment, availability and attention to detail. Now, we are 12 people in the rollbox team in continuous growth, so, we are always looking for talent that wants to develop and grow at the same time that we do.

Our Mission

  • Make our customers’ lives easier, and to their customers too.
  • Maintain a doer and lean way to work, connected to the reality.
  • Career progression for our employees in an excellent work environment.

Key Responsibilities

Rollbox is looking for a senior developer that can help us bring our product to the next level. Your functions?

  • Work as part of a development team that works on complete life cycle development projects and improvements, contributing with the knowledge to correct errors, minimize them and develop new points of view for future automation implementations.
  • Get to have a deep vision of the platform as a whole, from the smallest units to the global architecture of the product. Designing both architecture and coding.
  • You care about the product you're building and the problem you're solving, not just about the technology you're using. You take pride in choosing the best technical solution for a problem by taking all constraints into account.
  • Understand customer objectives, translate them and provide excellent solutions.
  • Planning and analysis of key features.
  • Implement and get feedback from the process.
  • Accept difficult challenges both at the product level and at the technical level, and you like to contribute your points of view.

About your technical Skills or Requirement

  • + 5 year experience coding.
  • Significant industry experience: your future peers have +7 experience with this kind of platform and we're looking for somebody on the same level. Don't worry if you don't meet the full +5 years requirement; just let us know how you managed to get to that level.
  • Training or degree in mathematics, engineering or physics, and possesses significant knowledge in computer science, networks, algorithms, data structures and design patterns. Self-learning also fits us.
  • Own projects.
  • Keen on use/learning: # Ruby on Rails / Postgresql # Sidekiq / Redis # Docker

Soft- Skill

  • Prioritization and flexibility according to the requirements of the moment.
  • Problem-solving approach.
  • Proactive person.
  • Excellent communication skills and to work in a interdependent team.
  • Big attention to detail and Analytical skills.
  • Know how to understand the balanced needs of the product and our processes.
  • Effective organizational skills focused on the moment.

Interview process

  • Interview with founders (30’) ; Informal chat about Rollbox and your experience.
  • (2h) Technical Interview Online Technical Test - It will last a maximum of 1 and a half hours and you will have a maximum of a day to complete the test. Focusing on OO. Organization, Algorithmic Skills and Product Scalability approach. Presentation and technical skills evaluation. (30’).
  • (30’) Interview with a Rollbox Team Members. Assessing cultural fit and soft skills.

If you feel identified with this kind of working and you are willing to face the challenges we propose, THIS IS YOUR TEAM! We’re looking forward to meeting you!


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