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Python Developer


Valencia, España


We are eRevalue, a data technology (SaaS) company headquartered in London. We are a ‘for profit’ company with a mission to positively impact the world. We help companies create sustainable value by successfully integrating risks and opportunities into core business strategy. Our flagship software, Datamaran™, is a B2B big data software that surfaces and mines information on new issues facing business (e.g. environmental, social, corporate governance) from the web, applies smart analytics and feeds up-to-date insights to corporate decision-makers and investors


We are looking for a Python programmer with good understanding of system design and strong coding practices to join the development center we are setting up in Valencia under out CTO oversight. We need him or her to be a team player and be ready to support our data science team with turning clunky prototypes into solid code. Depending on experience, the candidate will also be expected to bring in good coding practices and establish and maintain a coding culture across the whole tech team. We value simplicity and thorough design, always leaving the code cleaner than you found it, using the right names, and exposing the data the best possible way. That said, we’d like you to join us on the big waves of innovation.

Required skills 

  • Good knowledge of English
  • 0-5 years of experience as a Python developer
  • Strong coding skills
  • Knowledge of design patterns
  • Experience with continuous integration and TDD
  • Experience of using agile issue tracking software for team collaboration.
  • Understanding of git
  • At least one demonstrable project experience in Python
  • Knowledge of MongoDB and SQL
  • Comfortable with Unix environments 

Our Data Engineer stack includes MongoDB, ElasticSearch, AWS, Panda, GIT, spaCy for (natural Language Processing), MySQL, Kafka,..


aws git mongodb mysql python SQL

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