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Programador Backend

ADman Interactive S.L.

Barcelona, España


The full stack is composed of Pure Javascript, served from Elixir (Plug/Phoenix), backed by a cloud of Elixir microservices, all of them wrapping a big MongoDB database layer, connected to a Rails/MySQL admin app and a fully static VueJS reporting front. You will work the backend part. That's the Elixir cloud of microservices wrapping the big MongoDB database layer. You will write lots of tests, fix lots of bugs, solve many real world unsolvable problems, teach and learn a lot. We have some serious fun here doing all that. Needed:

  • To be a seasoned programmer that wants to work with mentioned stack.
  • To have some love to give to the code, that's the will to create great stuff.
  • To be a hard worker, because real world stuff is hard.
  • Not to be afraid to solve problems in new ways.


  • Actual experience with our stack technologies!!
  • Experience with similar arquitectures



javascript mongodb mysql

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