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DevOps Engineer / Systems Admin at Gamevy

Gamevy Limited

Remote / Bilbao (English speaking role)

Sueldo: 30.000 - 40.000


I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering why a company is recruiting for this type of role and not for a DevOps engineer, aren’t you. The truth is, we’ve been building our servers and networks and systems upon those foundations since day one. We don’t believe that DevOps is a one person role. We believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility to be involved in how our systems are built and deployed. That thinking is at the very heart of how we work.

Read on and you’ll find out why we’re looking for a System Admin instead.

Who are Gamevy, and what tech might I get my hands on?

Gamevy has grown over the 6 years that we’ve been running. When we first started out, we got accepted into the Rackspace Startup programme and we ran our first game on 3 servers. Now we have in the region of 60 games and 30 servers. Those servers are located in Germany, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Italy, London and Malta.

We use a mixture of Rackspace, AWS, Hetzner and even some good old physical kit located in a co-lo data centre. All of our deployments and a large portion of our configuration management is automated using Ansible. We’ve experimented with Terraform, Docker and K8S, but we’re not quite ready to jump into those waters just yet.

We’re Debian across the board, and on top of that we use Postgres, and nginx to run our nodejs apps. There’s a mixture of ElasticSearch, Logstash / Filebeat, Kibana, Datadog, New Relic and Pager Duty for monitoring. We’ve started thinking about a move to Prometheus, to replace things like Datadog and New Relic.

If all of that has whet your appetite, and you’re still here, let’s tell you a little more about Gamevy and the role.

What does Gamevy do? Tell me more about this role!

Gamevy builds games for the Real Money Games market. That’s a roundabout way of saying that our games are licensed as gambling games. Three of us started out in 2013, initially working from each other’s back gardens.

We’ve come a long way since then. We’ve won awards which recognise how innovative we are. When we started out, we didn’t know where our first customer would come from. Now we see hundreds of thousands of games played on a daily basis.

The company was formed on the basis that there will never be any bosses - at Gamevy we like and expect people to speak their mind. If you see something which is broken, say so, and go and fix it. We treat the people that work with us like the adults they are. You choose what the most important thing to be working on is - you won’t get told what to do, although others may try to persuade you that what you’re doing is less valuable than something else!

All this growth has been great. But, as is always the way, it has meant that we have found new problems to be solved. One of those problems is that the people who have been valiantly trying to maintain our servers and all that goes with them, don’t have the time they need to be able to devote to the role. That is why Gamevy is looking to bring its first Systems Admin on board.

Wait - Systems Admin? Does that mean that I going to be on call, all the time? Does that mean that I'm going to be doing everything by hand?

Definitely not. We already have some people that are alerted to any problems, and they attempt to deal with those before needing to wake up the rest of the company :) That said, there might be times when those people want to go on holiday, and we require some cover. We might ask you to provide some of that cover.

As we began by saying, the majority of what we do is automated and so our focus isn’t that - all of our releases are automated, and even our slowest ones happen in less than an hour. All of the creation and configuration is automated too, using Ansible in the main. When we patch servers, that is automated too. There are still some manual tasks - those remain largely because they're done so infrequently, nobody has taken the time to automate them. We'd expect them to be automated in time though.

So - Dev Ops or Systems Admin?

Simply put, the core capability that we're missing is someone that understands things like networking, and Debian at a deep level - someone who has chosen to make that their focus rather than the automation side of things. As we've said, pretty much everything that we do in terms of infrastructure management is automated already. However, of course Dev Ops is the way that everything has moved and the way we want to work. But we have a lot of really good developers here, all of whom are eager to be involved in the infrastructure side of things too. Those people are helping to automate the things we need to do too.

We’re looking for someone who on the one hand will be configuring a new machine with an operating system, or deciding how best to partition an array of disks, and on the other hand, be planning for a move from one data centre to another. And somewhere in the middle be someone who’s improving our monitoring and analytics too. We think it goes without saying that they should be automating the way that they do things, and making it easier for people to provision test environments and things like that.

Where would I be working?

Finally, we should note that though there is an office in Bilbao, the two people who you’re most likely to work with on a daily basis are based in the UK and so you’ll essentially be working remotely. That means that there’s an office that you can go to, or you can work remotely, or a combination of the both - it’s up to you. Because the people that you'll be working with don't speak Basque or Spanish, a strong command of spoken English is essential for this role. 

If this very, very long job advert sounds interesting to you, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.


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