Mobile Weekend

viernes 27 enero 2017, 00:00 - lunes 30 enero 2017, 00:00

Carrer de Pamplona, 96, Barcelona, España Compartir coche

Mobile Weekend is a world-class technology 3-day event organised by Capptains Venture Builder, a Barcelona based company, with a focus on creating and expediting groundbreaking mobile tech ideas. Mobile Weekend brings together some of the best and most committed young entrepreneurs with unparalleled business ideas, and accomplished industry professionals. We are to transform ideas into reality.

During the 3 days, over 40 well selected entrepreneurs, organised in 8 different project teams, will explore, work, exchange ideas and collaborate with their peers. Some projects are based on business concepts proposed by the same participants, while others based on objectives proposed by the organisers.

IronHack Barcelona
Carrer de Pamplona, 96

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Publicado por: Pablo Rodríguez Monedero