Ironhack Barcelona - UX Design & Tech School - Talk | A Lateral Approach to Decision-Making

miércoles 17 abril 2019, 18:30 - 19:30

C/Pamplona, 96 - 08018, Barcelona, España

Make sure to get your tickets for this talk through this link https://www.eventbrite.com/e/talk-a-lateral-approach-to-decision-making-tickets-59950069271
About The Talk:
We are happy to host the Product Team's talk from Lateral View, a Barcelona based digital product agency. Check their work https://www.lateralview.co/
Creative problem solving and clear decision-making is what separates good managers and their teams from the best. The problem with anything that requires creative and critical thinking, however, is that it’s easy to get lost, lose focus and fall into the trap of having useless, open-ended, unstructured discussions.
Projects stall, teams lose momentum, and everything goes over-budget, causing many products and services to be released late and full of compromises, all because the team is so fatigued from working on endless, unprioritized problems.
Here’s the most effective solution we’ve found: Replace all open, unstructured discussion with a clear methodology. At first you might feel skeptical, but the only way to see results is to try it for yourself. The freedom to discuss might seem conducive to creativity, or more informed decision-making, when it’s in fact the enemy. Structure and discipline create the freedom needed to be creative.
In this talk, the Product Design team at Lateral View we'll be analyzing problems in the tech industry decision-making processes and walk you though all the key steps to implement this framework in your day-to-day to solve any challenge.

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Publicado por: Pablo Rodríguez Monedero