Ironhack Barcelona - Lady Problems Hackathon by AngelHack

sábado 14 enero 2017, 21:00 - 22:00

C/Pamplona, 96 - 08018, Barcelona, España Compartir coche

At Ironhack we have always been supporting women in tech. We feel there is a gender gap in the tech community, that's why since the very beginning we have been promoting women in our programs with an upfront scholarship of 1000€. This time around we have partnered again with AngelHack, to tackle this problem with its amazing initiative: Lady Problems Hackathon. So, are you passionate about women's entrepreneurship? After hundreds of hackathons, AngelHack's female majority team is launching a series focused on supporting more female entrepreneurs around the world. All skill sets are invited to hack the barriers to female entrepreneurship around the challenges: health, safety, economic empowerment & culture. The winning team will get into AngelHack's social good accelerator where these prototypes will be brought to life! The Challenge: Address problems that prevent female entrepreneurship with a focus on health, safety, economic empowerment and culture. What will we do? We have a team formation session all together Saturday morning, and each team will address a problem holding back women in their city/region. Prototype solutions are presented on Sunday for awesome prizes to bring these ideas to life! All skill levels (+ male allies) welcome. Get your tickets here!

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Publicado por: Pablo Rodríguez Monedero