iOSLove - iOS Love Enero 2019

jueves 24 enero 2019, 23:30 - viernes 25 enero 2019, 00:30

Andrés Bello 2687 #12, Santiago de Compostela, España Compartir coche

Hola chic@s!, feliz año nuevo!!!
Comenzamos el 2019 con todo y con una edición especial.
En esta oportunidad Cornershop nos vuelve a recibir en sus oficinas y tenemos 2 invitados internacionales!. En esta edición ambas charlas serán en inglés y poco más extensas pero increiblemente interesantes.
Our first speaker is Mohammad Azam (@azamsharp), iOS Developer and instructor. Coming all the way from Houston, US. To participate in our meetup!. He has a lot of experience working with ARKit, wrote books and also Udemy courses. He has a talk prepared for us named "Building Augmented Reality Apps Using ARKit", where we are going to learn how to use ARKit in our iOS Apps, understand the concepts behind it, and start building applications using external models, image tracking and detection.
You might know our second speaker already, he just joined the meetup not long time ago, and he is coming from Brazil. His name is Tales Pinheiro De Andrade, iOS Developer on Concrete. He will share part of his work with us: "Delegateless Coordinators" where he will show us an evolution of the coordinator pattern, how can we us it to navigate in our apps and say goodbye to the old storyboards and segues.
As always we'll have beers and pizza !!
Thanks Cornershop!

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